Tonight! MAD Museum Panel

Please come!

Info here.

The Wall(paper) Street Journal

A little late in posting this (I gave birth the day this came out!), but I wrote an article on buying schmancy designer wallpapers for the Wall Street Journal’s great new “Off Duty” section. Read on here.

“The Home Front” at the MAD Museum

Big thanks to Rima for mentioning “The Home Front” in the New York Times. A series on American furniture design guest curated by Surface ed-in-chief (and my good friend!) Dan Rubinstein, it takes place at the MAD Museum this winter/spring. I’ll be moderating a panel on February 17 (more info here) for which I’ll be grilling BDDW’s Tyler Hays, Alissia Melka-Teichroew, and Jonah Takagi about how they’ve pulled off being an independent designer. Please come!

Accompanying the panel will be a series of posts on the same topic, to be published on FastCompany’s awesome new(ish) blog, Co.Design. Bookmark it!



Modern magazine: “Best in Show”

Wrote about a Miami townhouse that Amy Lau designed for art impresario Craig Robins in the winter 2010 issue of Modern mag. I’m too lazy to scan the article (sorry!) but, if you’re so inclined, you can read it here on Amy’s website (click on “press” and you’ll see it).

A busy year of books!

Well, actually, last year (2009) was the busy year of books (writing them, that is)–this is just the year that they all came out! In addition to the Vera monograph for Abrams and Susan Seid, which just got a nice mention in the New York Times

…I also worked on the following:

Produced the first two books in Jonathan Adler’s new decorating series for Sterling…groovy!:

Wrote the text for Picture Perfect: Designing the New American Family Home, Scott Sanders‘s book about his process of envisioning a chic and stately Northeastern manse (Pointed Leaf Press):

And contributed an essay for a monograph on Austin, Texas, architecture firm Andersson-Wise:


Interior Design: David Yurman boutique + NYC townhouse

Here’s clips for two recent articles I wrote for Interior Design: a rehabbed Gramercy Park  townhouse by Fractal Construction in the current issue…

…and David Yurman‘s sleek new Madison Avenue boutique by Gabellini Sheppard, published in the September “New York” issue.

Surface: Stefan and Saskia Diez

For Surface’s fall fashion issue, I penned a piece on design power couple Stefan and Saskia Diez. Love their work! For more, check out their websites here (his, hers) or click here for PDF.