Magazine clips

Check for current clips on my homepage/newsfeed.
This is a more comprehensive list:

The Wall Street Journal
“I Can Get It for You Retail”
“My Favorite Room: Michael S. Smith”

The New York Times
“Wunderkind: Kiel Mead’s Excellent Design Adventures”: T magazine
“Ink Inc.” : T magazine

New York Magazine
“Jack Lenor Larsen”

LA Times Magazine
“Seoul Mate”

“Leleu Anew”

“Room for the New”

“All Systems Go”

CondeNast Traveler
“The Obsessed”

House & Garden
“The Senses”
“At Work With…Paulette Cole”
“At Home With…Anthropologie”
“At Home With…Sofia Coppola”
“At Home With…Catherine Malandrino”

“One True Thing: Desk Lamps”

Surface magazine
“Uncommon Scents”
“Mod Squad”

Ocean Drive
“A Clear Success”

Interior Design magazine
“Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”
“A Taste of Olde New York”
“There Goes the Bride”
“Double Take”
“25 Years Strong: Clodagh”
“Time to Shine”
“Down Mexico Way”
“White on White…on White”
“She’s a Keeper”
“Clubhouse Rules”
“The Saatchi Sensation”
“Martha Stewart Working”
To Be Continued

Architectural Record
“Plaza del Torico”
“Against the Grain”

Men’s Health Living
“Lights, Camera, Ottoman!”

“Check Out Time: The Design Hotel Heads in New Directions”

Art Basel Miami Beach magazine
“Sibling Revelry”

…and more to come when I get the energy to upload!