WSJ/My Favorite Room: Kathryn Ireland

Oops, uploaded out of order. This room–at La Rocca Pisana in Italy–is gorgeous! Click here for more text/pix.


WSJ/My Favorite Room: Elissa Cullman

In the most recent installment of the column, Ellie Cullman walks us through the Veterans Room in the Park Avenue Armory. Click here for more.

WSJ/My Favorite Room: Timothy Corrigan

The LA designer’s fave space? The Blue Room of the Musee Camondo in Paris! Click here to read…

WSJ/My Favorite Room: David Rockwell

Click here to read David Rockwell’s take on the Soane museum.

WSJ/My Favorite Room: Carleton Varney

Next up: Dorothy Draper’s protege! Click here to read.

WSJ/My Favorite Room: Jonathan Adler

A wee bit behind in posting recent clips! Second installment of “My Favorite Room” column, from July. Click here for text.

Wall Street Journal: “My Favorite Room”

The Wall Street Journal’s Off Duty section just launched a new column, interviewing architects and designers about a favorite room (not their own!) from which to extract decorating lessons. Check out the inaugural installment–on L.A. designer Michael Smith–here and look out for the next one (Jonathan Adler) in this weekend’s paper!